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[SMCP] Hand Over Dengan Orang Asing - Siapa Takut? Begini Dialognya

Dialog Hand Over atau Serah Terima Jabatan 3rd Officer di Kapal Menggunakan Bahasa Inggris

Dialog Hand Over atau Serah Terima Jabatan 3rd Officer di Kapal Menggunakan Bahasa Inggris

Sebelum memulai bekerja di kapal, biasanya crew lama akan melakukan serah terima jabatan atau biasa disebut hand over kepada crew baru (crew pengganti).

Selama hand over, diharapkan crew kapal yang akan menggantikan posisi jabatan sesuai dengan jabatan crew lama (crew yang akan diganti) sudah sesuai prosedur. Dalam hal ini semua tugas dan tanggung jawabnya selama di kapal akan diambil alih oleh crew pengganti.

Untuk serah terima jabatan di kapal domestik mungkin bagi beberapa crew tidak ada masalah. Namun, pada kesempatan ini, saya akan membagikan contoh dialog hand over jabatan untuk 3rd Officer atau Mualim 3 di kapal yang notabene mix crew (berbeda bahasa dan negara).

Contohnya, saya akan menggantikan posisi Mr. John (Filipina). Karena kami berbeda bahasa, maka di kapal wajib menggunakan bahasa international yaitu bahasa inggris.

Berikut contoh dialog hand over 3rd officer being relief on the ship.

Example Dialog Mr. John with Soma Arna during Hand Over 3rd Officer being Relief on the Ship

Soma: Hello. Are you 3rd Officer? I am Soma Arna. I am here to take over your job.

Mr. John: Yes I am. Sit down please. I have been waiting for you. Do you want a smoke?

Soma: OK. Thank you. I told you have worked on board for 12 months. So you must be anxious to go home. Let's go ahead with our job.

Mr. John: OK. This is relief list. First, the bed and clothes. 8 pieces all together. Please check and sign here.

Soma: Yes. It's 8 pieces. They are very clean and tidy. Thank you.

Mr. John: Next, the bell book and logbook are on the bridge and the chart table respectively. The muater list is on the wall. I'm afraid you have to re-arrange it. Because 8 people sign on and sign off the ship this time.

Soma: OK. I'll do it as soon as possible

Mr. John: Good. This is registry book of the life saving appliances. There are 38 life jackets all together. All in good condition and can be used at immediately notice. I checked the lifebuoy and lifeboat one week ago. All in good order. Before we entered this port, I had examined and renew the lifeboat fittings. Here is the record. This biscuits will expire in one month. Please renew them on time.

Soma: OK. No problem. You may leave it to me. Is there only one fishing rod? I think we need one more.

Mr. John: Yes. You are right. We carried out boat drill while in the South China Sea. Generally speaking not bad. But the motor of lifeboat on the port side hasn't been lowered for half year. Please have it lowered to the water level next time.

Soma: OK. Well noted.

Mr. John: Shall we go on with the fire fighting equipments now?

Soma: Of course. Let's do it.

Mr. John: This is the disposition list of the fire fighting equipments. You can find the portable extinguisher, sand buckets and tanks, fire man outfit, fire alarms system, smoke detector and fixed fire fighting system. They are all in good condition. I weighed the CO2 cylinders yesterday. It's the record. You must recharge them 1 month later. I think that's all. This is the examination documents of all kind of equipments. Have you got any questions, friend?

Soma: No. You are very considerate.

Mr. John: thanks. If you haven't questions, please sign here and let the captain check and sign it too.

Soma: The Captain is in his cabin now. Let's go there together and you can say goodbye to him.

Mr. John: Of course. I will thank him for his help during the voyage. I learned a lot from him. He is a very kind and friendly.

Soma: OK. Let's go.

Sekian mengenai contoh dialog hand over 3rd officer di kapal. Semoga bermanfaat untuk teman-teman yang baru mencoba di kapal asing, jangan takut dan minder meskipun bahasa inggris tidak lancar. Bisa karena terbiasa. 

Good luck,

Semoga bermanfaat,

Bravo - Indonesian Seafarers

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